Business units

Technology Center

We are the team for new methods, new business models and disruptive technologies. (create)

Our mission is to develop, test and optimize new products and technologies to enable the business of the future. We consistently follow an iterative and reactive approach to test and improve our ideas and products as early and continuously as possible and involve potential customers in the development process from the very beginning.

We are exploring new possibilities such as machine learning, data integrity, battery technology and data compression and are building up competencies and a portfolio at an early stage in order to be able to serve the projects and proprietary products that will be relevant in three years' time. We help our customers to understand new technologies and to use them strategically and profitably.

Our focus is the future of the automotive industry.

We are transforming e:fs TechHub GmbH into an agile organisation and a digital pioneer. (enable)

The Technology Center will help to build small, powerful, self-effective teams based on an agile framework. Deep integration of relevant competencies such as design, pre-development, industrialization, testing, sales and project management, combined with the necessary decision-making competence and process autonomy, will simultaneously increase productivity, customer proximity and employee satisfaction.

We are convinced that the introduction of new methods, forms of collaboration and management principles such as design sprints, SCRUM, Lean Startup, Extreme Programming and Holocracy will enable a faster, smarter and more agile e:fs TechHub GmbH, making us future-proof and competitive. We test and develop new digital tools and platforms to make our processes and our collaborations easier, more digital and more synergistic.

We increase efficiency and help to deliver the usual e:fs TechHub GmbH quality. (improve)

We design, optimise and install simpler processes. We are the guardian angels of the e:fs TechHub GmbH brand, acting as a central quality management unit, to ensure that e:fs TechHub GmbH only delivers high-quality products and services. We are responsible for the company-wide introduction and anchoring of standards and processes such as continuous integration.

We are responsible for audits and development standards such as DIN ISO, AUTOMOTIVE SPICE and IEEE. We offer objective expertise in the field of functional safety for internal and external customers. We are responsible for the quality of our cooperation with partners and our own results.

Function/control unit software

We develop ECU software and integrate customer functions on ECUs in the chassis and driver assistance area.

We stand out for many years of experience and strategic development partnership and many successful projects with Audi AG as well as the Volkswagen Group.

As an example, we have assisted the electronic chassis platform (EFP) and a large number of its software components from pre-development to series production.

In our business unit, we develop the modules on which the software for highly automated driving is based. Our know-how flows into the software development of all e:fs TechHub GmbH business areas.

Hence, we go a long way towards fulfilling our company's goals and vision.

It is our aim to further expand our comprehensive expertise in control devices and customer functions and to implement cross-sectional software modules. The implementation of the modules includes the development processes of the V-model from SW requirement analysis to SW in-house development and SW testing.

Our expertise in the areas of motion management, chassis control systems, as well as special knowledge in the areas of microcontrollers and flexibility concepts in the AUTOSAR environment make driving of the future possible. In addition, we bring our many years of experience in the areas of timing, code generation and code optimization into play and cover the layer between function and hardware from pre-development to series production.

Virtual methods/networked systems

From concept to release, we are the No. 1 for customized, modular solutions in virtual development.

By applying our own tool chains in the areas of vehicle dynamics and highly automated driving functions, we ensure a high degree of maturity of our products.

In cooperation with the business units Chassis Control Systems, High Integration Platforms and Automated Driving Functions we develop simulation systems for the respective requirements. The resulting synergy effects help us in the continuous further development of the virtual prototype and lead to mature products for our internal and external customers.

With our virtual prototypes and our virtual environment sensor technology, we enable the development of vehicle components where real vehicles will no longer be necessary in the development process.

We work in a decentralised manner, thus merging expertise with the Volkswagen Group, and we provide uniform simulation tools in the sense of "simulation as a service".

We ensure a high quality level and have our simulation environments and processes qualified by independent institutions.

Automated driving functions

We design and develop innovations in driver assistance through to autonomous driving.

As an exclusive premium partner, we take on strategic development projects and advise the Volkswagen Group and mobility providers on the implementation of their projects.

We stand for a holistic system and software development of new and innovative driving functions for all levels of automation. We take our independently developed ideas and concepts and those of our customers, from pre-development to series production.

We have the know-how of the process chain from the sensor to the actuator and have the development competence, to bring the complete system on the road.

In close cooperation with our different business units such as Chassis Control Systems, High Integration Platforms and Virtual Development, we implement intelligent solutions of the highest quality and thus, offer the customer significant added value.

We are passionate about innovative topics and proactively shape the mobility for tomorrow.

Management and analysis of data

The handling of immense data volumes is a crucial success factor for every company that wants to remain in the market in the future.

One of our core tasks is the development of cloud-based systems for the management and analysis of measurement data. For this purpose we use innovative technologies in the big-data and machine-learning environment, such as Elastic Search and TensorFlow. In cooperation with our business units, Virtual Development, Chassis Control Systems and Automated Driving Functions, we develop solutions for the mobility of the future.

With our systems we form the basis for the development and validation of algorithms for autonomously driving vehicles.

Thanks to our agile approach, we can react flexibly to the requirements of the Volkswagen Group and enable fast and precise implementation.

In addition, we are also responsible for the maintenance and safeguarding of Audi's measurement data management systems, as well as for the continuous development of these systems for the secure and legally compliant storage and management of measurement data. This makes us the leading premium partner in the field of measurement data management!

Chassis/driving functions

We are shaping the future of electronic chassis control systems and enable today's and tomorrow's driver assistance and piloted driving functions.

We are fit for the challenges of the future, offer the necessary flexibility and cover all fields of competence required for the development of modern chassis control systems.

In close cooperation with our joint venture network, we implement intelligent solutions of the highest quality and bring them to the road.

We develop the relevant systems of longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamics that make up a modern, innovative chassis. The cross-divisional bundling of systems engineering / architecture, function development and validation, enables the development of cross-linked functions from concept development to the production stage.