About us

Our Company

We ensure our technological lead through the network of our cross-divisional functions and thus, strengthen our innovative power!
As a joint venture of AKKA Industry Consulting GmbH and CARIAD SE, we develop creative solutions together and in interdisciplinary teamwork
to optimize and advance the mobility for tomorrow.

Our Strategy & Vision

Be collaborative, innovative and smart.

We develop intelligent technologies and solutions through vision and creative thinking.

Since its foundation in July 2009, EFS has continuously developed and responded to the dynamics of its environment, thereby further sharpening its unique selling points.

EFS's origins lie in the chassis, our expertise has grown continuously and now also encompasses the complete process chain of assisted and highly automated driving as well as the essential enabler topics of high integration platforms, virtual development, measurement data management and analysis.

With our Technology Center we bring independent research and development, innovations and new solutions to our core tasks. By closely integrating the topics, we have our finger on the pulse of the time and ensure holistic development know-how.

Our vision: We make the driving of the future possible! In doing so, we are not only actively involved in our dynamic environment, but also leave a mark and shape it, with our expertise and agility.

We work together on a partnership basis and use our synergy effects to bring the most intelligent solutions to our customers!


We develop innovations, thereby ensuring successful business in the long run!


We are curious and open for new things to create the cleverest solutions!


Our Corporate Culture

The basis for pursuing a common vision is employees who act according to certain values and principles. Only satisfied and committed employees ensure high-quality work performance and the success of EFS. How we work together and how we encounter each other in our everyday work is set out in our mission statement. Employees and the management team have worked together on these guiding principles:


Our Locations

Our modern development centers are located very close to German automobile manufacturers.​​​​​​​


Dr.-Ludwig-Kraus-Straße 7
85080 Gaimersheim
Ingolstädter Str. 86
85080 Gaimersheim


Dr.-Ludwig-Kraus-Straße 6
85080 Gaimersheim
Telefon: + 49 8458 397 30 - 00
E-Mail: info@efs-auto.com
Lilienthalstr. 32-34
85080 Gaimersheim
Heinenkamp 24b
38444 Wolfsburg
Stoke-on-Trent-Str. 1
91058 Erlangen

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